THE TOMMUNIST (born from the ashes of Tommunisms.com) covers news and views from Buffalo, Western New York, New York State, The United States, Earth and most of our solar system (except Jupiter; and they know why…).

Allergy notice: news stories may contain trace elements of peanuts and actual true information. The views and opinions and any so-called “facts” expressed on this website or it’s related social media components do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions and of any person, alive or dead or fictional, including the author. We’re really just trolling (but with a heart of gold).  If you are confused about what the terms “parody” and “satire” are, please consult a goddamn dictionary.

Articles contained within may suck,  humor attempts may pick the “low-hanging fruit” and may use poorly made Photoshop images.  Liberal use of puns will be made.  Two spaces will follow after sentence periods.

Naughty language and situations may occur.  Fuck…

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All right reserved, Callahan…

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