Trump To Slash “Great” Lakes Funding By 97 Percent

Lake Superior? More like "Lake Inferior", am I right?

The Trump administration will propose cutting funding to Great Lakes pollution cleanup by 97 percent, The Tommunist has learned.

Lake Superior? More like “Lake Inferior”, am I right?

Trump’s proposal would slash the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative funding from $300 million to $10 million.

“Comrade Trumpski gives go-ahead, Dmitri!”

When questioned by the press about this, new EPA head Scott Pruitt said he did not lie to Congress about his using private email to conduct government business and then realized he was off topic.  Pruitt continued:

President Trump needs to pay for his military budget increase, so wasteful and stupid programs like the Great Lakes Initiative will be handled in a smart, streamlined way.  The 10 million dollars we will sink into this will be spent on purchasing 2 million Brita Water Filter modules, and then dumping them into the Great Lakes.

The President himself defended the proposed cut, tweeting:

My upcoming budget cuts so-called "Great" Lakes cleanup funding by 97%. Zebra Mussels & Asian Carp will eat the pollution instead! Smart!

Trump Lakes, a division of Trump Steaks…



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