New Pro-Collins Billboard Appears In Hamburg

Oh Pluto, God of Plutocracy, send me a sign!!

After Congressman and Trump apostle Chris Collins shed his physical body and became a being of pure capitalism (as detailed here), many in the Western New York area have wondered when the invisible hand of Collins would again interact with what we know as objective reality.  That question was seemingly answered this Thursday, on an electronic billboard in Hamburg, NY.

A spokesman for Lamar Advertsing Company (Nasdaq: LAMR) said that at approximately 12:57 pm today, the scheduled advertising slide for Cellino & Barnes which would follow the West-Herr slide was replaced by the following image:


The Lamar representative told The Tommunist that their computer engineers cannot explain how the image was inserted, and that all attempts to remove it have failed:

It’s as if an Act of God has occurred, if your god is a self-boasting, wealthy and savvy super-ego made up of pure avarice.

At last report, the local chapter of College Republicans have made the pilgrimage from University of New York at Buffalo to the sign to genuflect and pay adulation to the image.

Oh Pluto, God of Plutocracy, send me a sign!!

We cannot confirm that their gift of whatever is the opposite of “alms” are have been absorbed directly into the warm glowing warming glow of the miraculous sign.

Move over, Fatima…

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  1. Another Vampire Squid jamming his blood funnel into the vast pool of dark money and $ucking it dry. Vote him out of office. He’s used his congressional seat and insider trading to make himself a VERY rich 💩. Time to let someone else cheat the public.

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