A Christmas Carl

"I'm dreaming of a Whites Only Christmas..."

As The Tommunist closes out the shitshow that was 2016, we look forward to our eighth year of “fake news”.  We wish you the very best at this joyous holiday season, regardless of your beliefs (or lack thereof, you godless commie sombitches).

“I’m dreaming of a Whites Only Christmas…”

In that same spirit of giving, failed gubernatorial candidate, current Buffalo School Board member/legal fee generator, and all-around racially sensitive rich guy Carl Paladino sent out his best wishes for the new year.

So let’s all join hands in the inclusive Trump-era and sing a Christmas Carol Carl:

The Twelve Days Of Paladino’s Whites Christmas


On the Twelfth day of Christmas, Carl Paladino gave to me:

12 Basement “Racoons”

11 Secret Muslims

10 Dignity Camps

9 Foot-In-Mouth Calls

8 Parades A-Bashin

7 Threats to Kriner

6 School Board Lawsuits

5 Damn Asians

4 Baseball Bats

3 Gorilla Caves

2 Mad Cow Death Wishes

And Horse-Porn Bestiality!

God bless us, everybody! Or as Carl would say “Go fuck yourself!”

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