Bills’ Rex Ryan Pranks Patriots By Posing As Competent NFL Coach

"Heh heh. Is your refrigerator running? *SNORT!*"

Following up on his prank earlier Wednesday, Buffalo Bills’ Rex Ryan pranked the New England Patriots by posing a professional football team coach in a call to Bill Belichick today.

Early Wednesday, Ryan posed as a Buffalo News reporter to Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman during a conference call with the Buffalo media.

"Heh heh. Is your refrigerator running? *SNORT!*"

“Heh heh. Is your refrigerator running? *SNORT!*”

Later in the evening, Ryan pulled off another prank by calling Patriots coach Bill Belichick and presenting himself as “Rex Ryan, a competent professional football coach for the Buffalo Bills”.

The transcript of the call is as follows:

Belichick:  “Hello, who is this? Make it snappy, I’ve got stuff to do.”

Ryan: (giggling and snorting throughout): “Hello, Bill. This is Rex Ryan, professional NFL head-coach leading the Buffalo Bills, your rivals.”

Belichick:  (starts with incoherent gruff muttering) Who the hell is this? Stop wasting my goddamn time.  The Bills have no competent head-coach, and they are definitely not our rivals.

Ryan: “Uh…”

Belichick:  “Wait, you said this was Rex Ryan? Rex, stop playing around!  I was given the phone, told that a real NFL coach was on the line.  Don’t you have to practice your excuses for Sunday’s postgame press conference?!”

Ryan:  “Um… I’m sorry, Bill.  Just funnin’ with ya.”

Belichick: “Call me sir, goddamn it!”

Ryan: “Yessir”

Belichick: “When you get into town for the game,  make sure I get two coats of wax on my truck this time, not just one!”

Ryan: “I did put two coats on last…”

Bellichick (interrupting): DON’T CON ME, RYAN!

Ryan: “Yessir, Mr. Belichick”

Belichick: “And get your feet off the desk, you slob!  (hangs up)

Ryan: (to himself):  “How does he know?”

And Ryan removed his feet off the desk.

The Bills take on the Pats in Foxboro this Sunday.

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