BREAKING: Knife From Former O.J. Simpson Home Recovered, Cuba Gooding Jr. Arrested

A knife that was reportedly recovered from the former property of O.J. Simpson in Brentwood California has been tested by the Robbery-Homicide Division of the LAPD, and as a result, police have taken actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. into custody under the charge that he is “the real killer” in the Nicole Brown-Simpson/Ron Goldman murder case.

The "REAL" killer?

The “REAL” killer?


At a press conference at the LAPD headquarters, Capt. Andrew Neiman said:

The knife in question was apparently turned over to a police officer years ago by a construction worker who had helped to raze Simpson’s mansion at Rockingham Avenue. The officer was presented the knife by the construction worker as he was working on a movie set. This officer, a traffic cop, held onto the knife for several years, for reasons unknown to us at this time. What an asshole…

LAPD’s lead forensic scientist, Guy Whitey Klansman, has stated the knife tested positive for DNA of the late Nicole Brown-Simpson, Ron Goldman and Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Gooding was brought into the LAPD for questioning late Thursday, and was formerly arrested Friday morning.

Talent Agency ICM Partners, who represents Gooding, has issued no statement on these events, except that Gooding’s one phone call was placed to actor John Travolta.

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