The Tommunist Mistakenly Given Parody Nomination: Vote Anyways

It's "The Tommunist"...

For five years, The Tommunist has been the most reliable source of local, national, and world news in the Western New York area.  We pride ourselves as being devoted to the truth, unencumbered by facts.  Our news analysis gives important context you wouldn’t see otherwise in the so-called mainstream media.

Hard hitting news.

Hard hitting news.

The Social Media Club of Buffalo has also been around for five years, committed to their ongoing mission to promote media literacy, the sharing of success stories, promoting standard technologies, encouraging ethical behavior and sharing best practices.


And now, celebrating their fifth birthday, the SMCB is hosting their 1st Annual Social Media Club of Buffalo Awards.  The event, part of their annual Taco Vino gathering, will feature Lloyd’s tacos & burritos, beverages and networking before the awards ceremony. Tickets available here.

Awards are to be given out in five categories, with five nominees in each.

The parody competition is fierce.

The parody competition is fierce.

We are happy to report The Tommunist is nominated. Unfortunately, we are miscategorized. We are not a humorously exaggerated imitation of a genre.  Our social media presence on Facebook and Twitter serves the public good.

That said, we’ll take what we can get.

Take 20 seconds and vote for us (and those other categories) at  Share with your friends, relatives, coworkers, family and even bitter rivals.  But hurry, voting ends 11:59 pm December 1.

We’re proud to call this geographic region our home.  Give us the attention we so desperately crave  richly deserve. Thank you.

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