Introducing BOOV: Lifestyle Tips from Someone Better Than You.

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Growth and change is scary. Klingon Chancellor Gorkon called the future “The Undiscovered Country” – a place where anything can and will happen.

Over the last few years, Buffalo and the people of Western New York have walked swiftly into that undiscovered country.

Of course there have been hiccups along the way. Buffalo is known for its nostalgic views and historical admiration.

In spite of that, the better angels of the community have made a lot of progress in the last 5 years to join the rest of the world in the 21st Century.

In discussions with Tom Dolina, he was concerned that the progress Buffalo has experienced in the past few years was too swift.

A gleaming medical campus now stands where there were once throngs of angry pro-choice and pro-life protesters. No longer do we cope with the decrepit Commercial Slip sewer pit, with a vacant Memorial Auditorium idly surrounded by vast surface parking lots. Now we embrace the bustle of Canalside, with a vacant One Seneca Tower idly surrounded by vast manicured lawns.

Many cities in the west have experienced similar rapid progress and growth… shedding their old identities and adopting new ones.

In successful cases, the communities and people adopt California-like values. Portland, Oregon is where the 90s are alive! Austin, Texas keeps it weird! Boise, Idaho is building a long delayed hotel next to their Whole Foods.

That’s why I’m platonically partnering with The Tommunist and launching Boov, a lifestyle blog dedicated to transforming West-ern New York into West-Coast NY.

Since trading the emotional baggage of my youth and institutionalized alcoholism of Western New York for the fresh start and superficial beauty offered by Southern California, I’ve dedicated my life to becoming holistically healthier and happier. (H3) – Boov will share the life tips and transformative info I’ve learnt from my time on the Golden Coast with you.

Boov will share our innovative approaches to reducing our prison population, our investments in technology and infrastructure, our world class education system all contribute to our laid back lifestyle. California has America’s problems all figured out.

From the high tech lifestyle of the Bay Area (cost permitting) to the tremendously productive agricultural lifestyle of the Central Valley (drought permitting) to the culture defining influence of celebrities (Scientology permitting), California is a diverse state of many backgrounds coming together for the common good.

They've had it all figured out for a while now.

They’ve had it all figured out for a while now.

Western West Coast New York has many similarities: high tech Bioinformatics, Agriculture past the 3rd ring suburbs, and famous locals constantly capturing national headlines.

Adopting a California lifestyle yields many benefits and will ease you and the rest of Buffalo along your h3 journey to a new future.

It has certainly helped me. I’ve lost weight, been in a stable relationship for over 3 years, enjoyed a large career change, adopted pets, and reside only 2 blocks away from the Pacific Ocean. The magic of this life can be available to you if you shed your old way of thinking and follow Boov’s advice.

Boov will help you EXIST: Be a better you by willing it to be so and following through on your aspirations and dreams and things you feel are important based on societal pressure.

Discover who you are, and then change everything about it.

You too can go from being known as a fat, lonely fan of a regional sport to being known as a thin, lonely fan of regional Science Fiction.

You too can go from being known as a fat, lonely fan of a regional sport to being known as a thin, lonely fan of regional Science Fiction.

Keep that beach body year-round with the tried and true methods of The Hollywood Diet. Boov will also share with you Asian meditation techniques that are thousands of years old, but put our own needless spin on them.

It wouldn’t be Californian if you didn’t SPLURGE: Boov will have fashion and style tips from affiliate vendors that are in no way practical or affordable.

So you know you can trust the products Boob recommends from our affiliate vendors: Products never tested on animals will be personally tested on animals by me.

So you know you can trust the products Boov recommends: Products never tested on animals will be personally tested on them by Matt Bova.

Boov will also have columns dedicated to IMBIBE: Monitor your food and drink from “farm to table to toilet” for spiritual wellbeing.

Boov will review ethic recipes with ingredients can’t recognize on sight or pronounce without foreign language proficiency. We will also make traditional recipes needlessly complicated requiring 4 years of culinary training and the assistance of a sous chef.

Last year's Thanksgiving only consisted of foods mentioned in the diaries of Plymouth Colony settlers.

Last year’s Thanksgiving consisted only of foods mentioned in the diaries of Plymouth Colony settlers.

Boov will make sure that you ATTEND: Experience life to the fullest by participating in activities you most likely won’t enjoy more than sitting at home and watching TV.

We’ll focus on activities healthier than typical Buffalo binge drinking to get that work/life balance.

Together, we will explore the marijuana use of surfers in Orange County, the methamphetamine use of West Hollywood and the cocaine habits of housewives in Beverly Hills. We’ll make sure you learn to get to interesting places and take photos to make your Facebook wall look interesting.

What you do with this information is entirely up to you, so you can be sure to blame yourself for any failure. You’re welcome for any success.

The Boov: Bringing you lifestyle tips approved by Lord Matt Bova.

*Except population

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