Ousted Boulevard Mall Bear Band Says They Were Fired For Raising Ethics Questions

The Boulevard Bear Band says there’s more to the story about why they are no longer at the Boulevard Mall.

WKBW reporter Matt Bove (not to be confused with Tommunist News staffer Matt Bova) broke the news late last week the popular band of bears were no longer seen at their bandstand inside the mall.   When he questioned mall officials, he received this message:

So they say...

So they say…

But Teddy Ursidae, band leader of the Boulevard Bear Band, said says their contract was violated after they raised ethics questions about the work requirements of the band.

“We have been delighting children and parents alike for 17 years at that mall, and this was just the mall trying to shut us up. We didn’t retire, we were fired. “

The Bear Band, now being represented by Buffalo attorney Bill Cambria (Paul Cambria’s brother who specializes in anthropomorphized animal characters) , says they were given one hour by BMBBC (Boulevard Mall Bear Band Corporation) board members to fire lead female singer, Mary Kodiak, an action Ursidae refused to take.

“Mary Kodiak had complained to the board that it was unfair that she was made to make unpaid appearances at various events with Kiss 98.5 radio personality Janet Snyder.  Pre-paid cell phone store openings, car dealerships, and gourmet hot-dog sandwich restaurant openings with crude names; she was forced to appear with Snyder, who she doesn’t care for, and received no compensation for her work.  That’s just wrong.”

bearband7 copy


In addition, Ursidae said the band received no say or pay in the public sponsorship of the band by Charmin, the toilet paper people.  The band was now advertised as “Charmin Presents The Boulevard Bear Band”.  Ursidae was livid:

“Our contract was very clear on this.  Any corporate sponsorship would give us not only a say in approval, but also a cut.  We got neither.  And we were very opposed to Charmin coming in on this.  Bears don’t use toilet paper to wipe our butts! It’s offensive!  Everybody knows bears wipe themselves with rabbits!  Which was unfortunate when the Easter Bunny showed up the first time to the mall…”

Band disagreed with Charmin sponsorship

Band disagreed with Charmin sponsorship

The band officially worked for the Boulevard Mall Bear Band Corporation (BMBBC), and is a public benefit band.  The board is comprised of several Boulevard Mall officials, Ted Ursidae the band leader, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and several appointees of Erie County.  The County subsidizes the BMBBC with up to $18 dollars a year of the taxpayer’s money.

The Tommunist has reached out to Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz for comment.

In the meantime, Ted and friends are figuring out what to do next.

“We’re not figuring anything out! We’re going to sue that mall for every cent it’s got! We’ll own that dump, and then we’ll put the food court back in there too!

Drummer Lenny Grizzly says "no comment" to Tommunist News outside the unemployment office

Drummer Lenny Grizzly says “no comment” to Tommunist News outside the unemployment office


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  1. I tried to see if I could buy out their contract to bring them to Windsor Village Sanctuary but the Malls said they were not interested. So sad.

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