NASA Discovers Evidence of Water in Scajaquada Cesspool

Up shit creek?

The Scajaquada appears to have flowing rivulets of shitty, disgusting water, at least in the summer, NASA scientists reported Monday in a finding that could have major implications for the possibility of unintelligent life in the surrounding area.

NASA held a press conference Monday morning announcing they believe they have evidence of water in what they call “The Scajaquada Cesspool”.  Their mobile roving probe (NASA TE VLOC-1) revealed what appears to be high concentrations of fecal matter amongst a multitude of unusual solid garbage, a sludge of possible urine and other seemingly biological liquids.

Jim Green, planetary science director for NASA says:

Given the highly unusual and, quite frankly, disgusting concentration of shit and filth discovered, we can only conclude that it is NOT naturally occurring.  This raises the possibility that there exists life in that area.  Unintelligent, short-sighted and irresponsible life, but life nonetheless.

When asked about the possibility of sending a mission there to see if the foul, smelly and shit filled area could be terraformed by the Buffalo Public Works Agency,  Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown says the Prime Directive would prohibit such an undertaking.

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