Lisis: Drug Resistant Lice Embedded In Our Children’s Scalps In 25 States

Embedded in your children's scalps

A joint study from the US State Department and the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that a mutated breed of so-called “super lice” are embedded in the scalps of school children in at least twenty-five states and are part of an organized cell meant to indoctrinate our children.

These super-lice look and act like regular head lice, but these parasitic bugs that feast on American blood drawn from the scalps of their victims show a resistance to pyrethroids. Pyrethroids are the family of insecticides that have been used in over-the-counter lice treatments.  The super-lice have a genetic mutation which makes such treatments ineffective.

The U.S. intelligence community have long suspected that embedded cells of super-lice hoped to invade America.  Secretary of State John Kerry said in a press conference Monday:

We have intelligence that points to twenty-five states having some sort of super-lice presence. It appears to be loosely connected cells.  They call themselves “Lisis”. They embed themselves in the scalps of our children, and cause itchiness, but we suspect a greater plot.

Former National Security Advisor and Nixon Secretary of State Henry Kissinger believes that Lisis will coordinate the subversion of our children. Lisis already has a strong social media presence.



*Once Lisis is ready, they will instruct their embedded scalp cells to quietly tell our children to disobey their parents, not do their homework, and not even eat their vegetables.  They will indoctrinate our children who are highly malleable and subject to the propaganda of the super-lice, who will whisper bad things to our children in their tiny lice-voices.   *Best translation of Kissinger’s mush-mouthed speech pattern

Kissinger’s solution is chemical warfare. Stronger insecticide chemicals that are available with a prescription can treat these mutant lice.  President Obama is expected to make such chemicals available to state and local authorities via executive order.  White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that:

All options are on the table, including drone strikes on the battlefield of our children’s heads.

Terror bugs

Terror bugs

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