Amherst Police Looking For Shitty Graffiti Tagger So They Can Send To Art School

Amherst Police need your help in identifying the person or persons who went on a graffiti tagging spree in Williamsville, in order to send the shitty “tagger” to art school.

Amherst Police Chief John C. Askey said that police are looking for the party responsible for using spray paint to tag and draw on a variety of items, including sidewalks, dumpsters and garages.

The people responsible for the shitty quality of tagging are an embarrassment to Williamsville, and all of Western New York. I mean, it’s not as bad as that no talent hack “bcuz” from Buffalo from a few year’s back, but it really shows a complete lack of talent.  Even the most successful and economically thriving cities in America have to deal with so-called graffiti artists and taggers. We need to let businesses know that if they come to the Amherst or Williamsville and build, they won’t be tagged by a rank amateur who couldn’t pass kindergarten finger-painting.

We hope to apprehend the suspect or suspects and get a court order that mandates they attend some sort of art class.



Police said surveillance photos show a light-colored Jeep Commander being used in the graffiti spree. Anyone with information is asked to contact Amherst Police Detective Bureau at (716) 689-1395 or the Amherst Police Snitch Email Line at

Chief Askey added:

It’s fitting that multiple dumpsters were tagged, as this is nothing but pure garbage. We ask the suspects to turn themselves in and get the help they need to come up with a better style. We need a “Banksy”, not a “Stanksy”.

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