Your Racist Friend

"So, Paladino, Mascia and Hulk Hogan walk into a bar..." -"Hey, What are you guys talking about?" - "Uh, nothing, I'm a victim of my culture!"

This is where the party ends.

Joe Mascia found no safe harbor on Sandy Beach recently.  In fact, Sandy ripped him a new one, calling him “unfit for public service” and a “liar, a phony, and a hypocrite”.

Mascia, undeterred by the calls to resign by elected officials (such as Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown) will not resign his post. In addition, he is continuing his attempt to unseat David A. Franczyk for the Fillmore District  (Tilting Windmills: The Joe Mascia Campaign 2015).

Who will come to poor Joe’s defense?! Failed gubernatorial candidate, current Buffalo School Board member/legal fee generator, and all-around racially sensitive rich guy Carl Paladino!

In addition to Carl’s words of support Wednesday, Paladino also stormed the beaches of Sandy and dialed up WBEN this Thursday:

Come along children, gather round while “Uncle Carl” tells you a tale:

Listen carefully to what I have to say! Joe Mascia is a blameless creature, who has been victimized by David Franczyk and a drug addict looking for some cash to score some more drugs. But Joe is also a victim of his “culture”; but we all are, in a way, if you really think about it.

When we wuz kids, Italian kids back in the day, someone who didn’t like us would call us “silly names” like dago, wop, and they wouldn’t let you join in any reindeer games. The same would go for Polish people, Irish people and black people, and even damn Asians! That’s just how it was!

But then, evil libtards swooped down like the vultures they are and foisted some bullshit called “Political Correctness” on all of us honest, hard working, hygienic people. You know, whites!  And now we can’t say this stuff in public and expect a free pass.

Now, if you can’t comprehend this brave new world order, then what do you expect of a simple man, a little guy who’s not a “brain” , who comes out and makes a stupid, stupid statement? It doesn’t make sense, especially not in the context Joe was raised and conditioned.

Who are we to judge him? I mean, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Andrew Cuomo and Byron Brown! They are bad! Joe is good! Franczyk hates parking!

It is a sin to judge Joe!

As for calling someone a silly name that begins with “N”, it’s okay to call an individual that, as long as you’re not referring to the entire “class” of people your slur applies to! Even if it’s a group of individuals, like those damn Asians! It wasn’t referring to the entire class of Asians, just the large group of specific Asians that pissed me off! If you can’t see the subtle difference that separates that from being racist, then maybe YOU are the problem, marred by the spectre of political correctness.

If someone who’s black pisses you off, you can call them that silly “N” name.  If multiple black people piss you off, you can call them that too. As long as there’s one black person you like, then you haven’t maligned the entire “class”, and therefore you aren’t a racist.  Remember, they aren’t the victim, YOU are.

Now I’ve set you straight! Support Joe Mascia, who’s neither a racist or super-intellect! I’ve now put my mouth where my money is.

Also, tear down the goddamn Perry Projects!

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