Rally In Support Of Joe Mascia

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Taking a page from the recent “Rally in Support of Carl Paladino” to combat recent allegations of racism (here’s some not-so-recent ones) an anonymous backer  has set up a similar “Rally In Support of Joe Mascia” Mascia, at least at the time of this posting, is an elected tenant representative on the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority board of commissioners. He also happens to be running for the Buffalo Common Council’s Fillmore District seat, as the officially endorsed Erie County Conservative Party candidate AND in a three-way primary for the Democratic spot for the post. In an “I hope you’re not recording this conversation” fashion, Mascia was surreptitiously recorded saying some things that some uptight people might view as racist.

Mascia, confronted with the recording admits to “inexcusable, and um, sort of negative words” and deeply regrets it, saying that it is not how he is.

“People know me. They know that that’s not me. They know that it’s very much out of character. I live in a mixed community. I have a bi-racial nephew”

Mascia says he will not resign his elected post:

“I’m not unless the people ask me to resign, why would I resign?

He didn’t say which people would ask him to resign, but we found a fewboojoe But he does have some supporters, as evidenced by this totes legit notice for Joe’s Support Rally:   GoJoe   Given the thousands of throbbing throngs of people of all races, creeds, ages and lifestyles who showed up at the Paladino rally this Wednesday, Joe Mascia can look forward to an outpouring of support for him, and his campaign to make Buffalo a better place for all….

Baby Joe Mascia

Baby Joe Mascia

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