Joe Mascia, Carl Paladino & Hulk Hogan Walk Into A Bar…

"One for each other and all for one the three brave amigos are we" Read more:  LetsSingIt - Your favorite Music Community

“One for each other and all for one the three brave amigos are we”

Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority commissioner Joe Mascia announced his intentions to continue his run for the Buffalo Common Council seat for the Fillmore District, even after a double-secret recording of him emerged with him using “The N-Word” in reference to people such as Mayor Byron Brown, Darius Pridgen, and more.

Mascia refuses to resign his post on the BMHA, and although he lost the Conservative Party line, he will press on for the Democratic Party line. His campaign manager Katrina Martin-Bordeaux resigned.  The Buffalo Pundit reports Mascia backer/blogger Matt Ricchiazzi failed at allegedly trying to manufacture a crisis at opponent David Franczyk’s office (seemingly taking a page from the shitty book of James O’Keefewhile also blaming everything on former Erie County Executive (and still current jerkstore) Joel Giambra .  It seems highly unlikely that Mascia can continue, with no reasonable person in the local political scene willing to publicly back him.

Wait… I did say “no reasonable” person.  That still leaves Carl.

Failed gubernatorial candidate, current Buffalo School Board member/legal fee generator, and all-around racially sensitive rich guy Carl Paladino is putting his mouth where his money has been by supporting Joel Mascia.  Carl’s words, from the Buffalo News:

He should be respected, and I don’t see anybody buying into this racist stuff

Hot Carl has squeezed out thousands of dollars into Mascia’s past campaigns, and has thrown a couple hundred bucks his way so far for his latest pending failure. Paladino has even lent his campaign sign template to Mascia:


At his press conference this Wednesday, Mascia handed out the following prepared statement:

Thank you everyone for your time and being here today. Please hold off your laughter until the end

There has been a good deal of controversy about remarks that I made in private conversation some time ago that have recently been disclosed. I’ve expressed my regret and genuine remorse for those remarks. I believe that a sincere apology requires actions. Actions of complete and utter futility.

I’m going to take that unfortunate incident and make it a public good. My campaign will serve as a warning to others on what not to do in a race for public office. Over the next several weeks, my campaign will engage in a robust discourse on issues of poverty, class, race, and justice. Because who better to discuss these issues than someone who has utterly no credibility in the light of my recorded statements?

I will continue to embarrass the people who have elected me as Commissioner of the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority – and to act as a clown-show and a distraction.

Many serious issues that we have undertaken to resolve together are still of critical importance. I will not be a serious part of that discussion. At this point, any public good I’ve done in the past will be glossed over by the press because of the evil plot against me.  The plot to frame me by actually using my own words when I think nobody is recording me.

The clearing of poor and minority persons from the central city for deliberate gentrification is the outrage our time. My continued presence on the BMHA and my run for the Common Council will drown out those issues because of my failure to exit gracefully.

I will continue to fight for my selfish cause, with the help of good fellas like Carl Paladino, and this black guy next to me in the green shirt. Incidentally, you can buy shirts like this from my campaign site soon.

I will not be silenced. I will not be sidetracked. I will not shut up. I’m as mad as hell, and this is gonna be a fun summer for you all.

The Tommunist will provide continuing coverage of Tilting Windmills: The Joe Mascia Campaign”.



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